Saturday, March 15, 2014

Normally I probably wouldn't post on Saturdays

Holy crap, Bree did a huge tribute post for me at Massively. Wow. Tres thanks. Also thanks to everyone who came over here from that post!

We will not generally have regular Saturday updates from here out. I'm kind of busy on these days, so I won't hate myself if I don't update on Saturday. I might still do it, but I am not going to obligate myself to doing it.

A quick note about what I'm doing/thinking about; obviously watching IEM Katowice. A few brief thoughts:

Deman is still not very good at talking about LoL while commentating. He does bring a lot of excitement and energy to a cast though. He's much better in interviews. I think he should try to script himself so he avoids saying things he is really clueless about. I think he asked something like, how does Zyra roots with Vayne wallslam work? Yeah, I'm sorry, that's really not something you should ask because you'd know if you played the game a little. I think Krepo was internally facepalming.

Krepo is really good at commentating. Keep it up!

MonteCristo is a huge jerk. No offense meant by it, and I don't think he'd take any if he heard me say it. He's kinda been rude about the whole event on Twitter, and iuno. I'm starting to see the holes in his logic. He really is best tempered by other people.

Froggen is Danish? He sounds like he has an Austrian accent. Either way, it sucks that he struggles with English as much as he does. He is really smart and knows a ton about the game. It's clear he gets really excited and he has to stop and think about what the English is for what he's trying to say. I'm not being critical here, because again, he's really smart and insightful and is doing a great job.

Quickshot has improved a lot. He's leveled up quite a bit since Season 4 started. I think there will still be haters. He's really doing well as a play by play commentator and as a host at the analyst panel. I have been noticing this through the LCS in general, but I thought I'd mention it here since he's been doing well at IEM.

On the subject of LCS casters not at IEM, Phreak is doing a lot worse in his LCS/Challenger casts. He's doing a little bit of trying too hard to be funny and it ends up being painful. Even he thinks he's going too far, I think. But he's not at IEM, again, just thought I'd mention it while talking about casting.

I missed C9 versus FNC. I saw game 1, it was sort of depressing to watch because both teams were playing so perfectly, and I wanted C9 to win. They obviously won game 2 and lost game 3. Fnatic is a crazy team. They've really leveled up and are in pure adrenaline win mode. Also Gambit made a stellar showing too. Great games to watch.

Anyway, go watch VODs or something if you haven't seen them. The matches are pretty good!


  1. Pulling for you to keep focused on the got skilz man.

    1. Thanks! <3 Gotta keep going, even if things go bad, yknow.