Sunday, March 16, 2014

There's nothing wrong with being bad

I criticize my friends for sucking a lot. I hold them to a different standard than normal people, though. I am not sure why it's such a big deal if you're bad and someone calls you out on it, though. I was thinking, people get really offended when I say it's their fault they're stuck in bronze. It really is your fault if you're stuck in bronze. If you're gaining ranking and it's taking time and you're impatient, then yeah I understand that sucks. If you actually can't gain ranking, it's your fault.

There's nothing wrong with that.

Really. If you're bad, that's fine! It means you have skills you need to work on. Just last night my best friend was playing Ashe and he sucked, his teamfight positioning was horrible and he cost us the game. After a bit of whining and feeling sorry for himself, he realized that in fights he was getting panicky and spamclicking. Let's cut out the lame whining and feeling sorry for himself and get right to the actual point. If you make a mistake and get called out, own up on it and find out why it happened. There's nothing wrong with making mistakes, there's something wrong with not knowing why you did them.

In the same series of matches I got caught a few times and lost fights and even lost a game. I was like, oh man I totally shouldn't have gotten caught there, I was out of position, my bad, and similar things. When you screw up, man up and take responsibility.

So if you can't gain ranking in bronze league or climb the ladder in your favorite online versus game, get over yourself when someone calls you out. There's nothing wrong with being bad but there's something wrong with getting upset over it. If you're bad, you're bad. It means you have to climb up the skill ladder. Don't feel bad about being bad, work to do something about it.

If you take every criticism to your failures personally, you'll never improve. Don't be hurt because you're bad. Accept that you are and get better.

Or don't! Really you can also just not get better too. You can play casually, and that's OK too. But why stress out when someone calls you out for being bad? Yes, you're bad! You play casually! Those two things are typically (though there are some anomalies) synonymous. A casual player can't really be expected to know the things that someone who is trying to improve would, so yes, you'll be worse. If you take criticism personally, you might as well quit playing because it's only going to continue.

I feel like there's some kind of entitlement that people have, that they expect to be at least average just by picking up a controller. NO. I am sorry, that is not how it works. If you don't spend any time learning, you're bad. If you're early on your road of improvement, you're also bad.

Let me end this by saying that two of my most commonly stated things while playing are "god, why am I so bad at video games" and "we honestly don't deserve to win, they're playing better than us." So I really know a little bit about being bad. I'm right there with you, walking the road to improvement.

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